Please search this knowledgebase before posting in the support forums.

If you still have questions after searching the knowledge base, try searching theOfficial BrightFort Forums (hosted by the Wilders Security Organization).

The support forums are a great place to give and receive help from many dedicated users and volunteers, as well as the developers of the programs. And, with luck, someone may have already posted an answer regarding your question or concern.

How to Post in the Forums
If you can't easily locate an existing post that mentions your question or problem, please feel free to start a new post.

When posting, it's helpful if you provide as much detail about your problem or concern as possible.

Suggestions include:
  • Name + Version of the program
  • Version of Windows installed
  • Any other security software you are using (firewall, antivirus, etc.)
  • Make/model of your computer (laptop/desktop)
  • How you connect to the Internet (dial-up/cable/DSL/other)
  • What you are trying to do and precisely what occurs
    (please include the full text of any error messages)
  • Any steps you've taken to try to resolve the problem

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