We recommend using copy and paste (CTRL+c and CTRL+v) to enter your license information.


CTRL+c = hold down the CTRL key while typing a lower-case letter c

CTRL+v = hold down the CTRL key while typing a lower case letter v

To copy and paste your license information:

  • Open the program you wish to copy from (i.e. your email containing your license information)
  • Open the program you wish to paste into (i.e. SpywareBlaster® or EULAlyzer®) and go to the "Enter a Key" section of the program.

Copy from your license email:

  • In your license information email, click and hold on the first letter of your name, then drag the mouse to the last letter in your name. This will highlight your name.
  • Release the mouse.
  • CTRL+c (this copies the highlighted information - your name - to the system clipboard)

Paste into the program's "Enter a Key" box:

  • In the "Enter a Key" window, click on the NAME box.
  • CTRL+v (this will paste your name from the system clipboard into the box)

Repeat to enter your license key:

  • In your license information email, click on the first letter/number of the license key, drag to the end, and CTRL+c
  • In the program "Enter a Key" window, click on the KEY box and CTRL+v. Don't worry if the key box seems too small - your license key will copy completely (if you use the arrow keys you can scroll along the copied key from beginning to end).


Be careful when highlighting that you don't accidentally pick up extra characters at the beginning or end of what you are copying (e.g. a ':' or extra space).

If you paste something you don't want, just go back and copy and paste again.

If you copy something and then can't find the window you were going to paste into, look down in the taskbar at the bottom of your screen for the name of the program you want and click on it to bring that window to the front. If you cannot see the taskbar (it says "start" at the left and has the clock on the right), wiggle your mouse around at the very bottom of your screen until the cursor changes to up+down arrows, then click and hold and drag upward until the taskbar appears.