NOTE: This article only applies to Windows XP systems.

SpywareBlaster AutoUpdate's default setting is to run on system startup/boot. You can use the Windows Task Scheduler to have AutoUpdate run at a time other than start-up (this is essential for Windows XP systems left on 24/7).

To trigger AutoUpdate with the Windows Task Scheduler in Vista/7/8/10+:

  • AutoUpdate is automatically set up to run on user login or every 24 hours on your Vista+ system. There is no need to manually configure anything.

To trigger AutoUpdate with the Windows Task Scheduler in XP:

  • Login to an administrator account
  • Open the Control Panel:
    • Click START in the bottom left corner of your screen
    • Click on "Control Panel"
  • Add AutoUpdate to the Scheduled Tasks Panel:
    • Double-click on "Scheduled Tasks"
    • Double-click on "Add a Scheduled Task".
    • Click NEXT
    • Click "Browse..."
    • Browse to sbautoupdate (sbautoupdate.exe)
      The default location at installation would be
      C:\Program Files\SpywareBlaster
    • Click on sbautoupdate.exe
    • Click OPEN
    • Set up your schedule (for multiple user-acount systems we recommend "when my computer starts", or "daily" if your computer is left on for long periods)
    • Enter and confirm your administrator login password
    • Click FINISH
  • Disable AutoUpdate to prevent it from automatically running using the default method. (If you wish.)