AutoUpdate is an unlockable feature of SpywareBlaster which automatically updates the protection database and enables protection for new items. To use Autoupdate, you must purchase and enter a license key.

By default, AutoUpdate runs on system startup/boot (when you turn on your computer). If you leave your computer on for long periods or 24/7 you will need to use a scheduler to trigger AutoUpdate (such as the Windows Task Scheduler).

Each time that SpywareBlaster AutoUpdate runs, it waits quietly in the background until you are connected to the Internet. It then checks for, downloads, and enables protection for any new database items (except those on your Ignore List). After confirming your database is current, AutoUpdate closes until the next time it is scheduled to run.

AutoUpdate now also updates the SpywareBlaster program. By default, program upgrades will be installed automatically. A checkbox to disable this feature can be found in the AutoUpdate section of SpywareBlaster.

AutoUpdate displays a small window that slides up from the taskbar near the clock, notifying you that updates are downloaded and applied.

To verify that AutoUpdate has correctly downloaded the latest definitions, open SpywareBlaster (after a reboot) and check to see if the definition date shown in the middle of the SpywareBlaster window is the same as the "Latest Definitions" date found next to the SpywareBlaster entry here:

Please note that database updates are released as available or needed (not necessarily daily).

If AutoUpdate is NOT working, please check to be sure that you are using the most recent version of SpywareBlaster:

If you are running the latest version of SpywareBlaster, please contact support. You can use manual updating to keep your protection current until AutoUpdate is working again.

AutoUpdate will notify you when your license has expired. You may purchase a new AutoUpdate license key at that time if you wish (license keys do not automatically renew).

If AutoUpdate complains that your license has expired or refuses your license information before your year has ended, please contact support.