AutoUpdate is automatically enabled after you enter a valid license key (see Purchasing SpywareBlaster® AutoUpdate).

AutoUpdate should remain enabled until your license expires.

However, there are some instances when you may wish to disable AutoUpdate. You may want to run AutoUpdate with a scheduler (e.g using Windows Task Scheduler) or may be doing repetitive reboots to test your system and don't want AutoUpdate starting up each time.

Disabling AutoUpdate does not disable your SpywareBlaster protection - it simply prevents AutoUpdate from running at start-up (boot).

You can enable and disable AutoUpdate from the "Updates" window in SpywareBlaster.

To Disable AutoUpdate (stop it from running at start-up):

  • Open SpywareBlaster
  • Click on "Updates" and then "AutoUpdate" at the left side of the window.
  • Click on "Disable AutoUpdate Now"

If you have set up AutoUpdate to run using a scheduling program (e.g. the Windows Task Scheduler), disabling AutoUpdate will stop AutoUpdate from autostarting but allows it to run with the scheduler.

If you wish to disable AutoUpdate for some other reason, you should do manual database updates to maintain your protection.

To re-enable AutoUpdate:

  • Click on "Enable AutoUpdate Now" - AutoUpdate will now run on system startup/boot.

(If you manually configured a scheduled task set for AutoUpdate, the task will also run until you delete it.)

To prevent AutoUpdate from ever running:

  • Disable AutoUpdate
  • Check your "Scheduled Tasks" folder in the Control Panel for an AutoUpdate entry and remove it if found.

Important! If AutoUpdate is not running, you should use update the database manually to keep your protection current. We recommend checking for updates at least weekly.